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"Possibly Carcinogenic" - IARC, WHO

What is EMF?

Short for Electromagnetic Field, the European commission defines EMF as “a combination of invisible electric and magnetic fields of force.”.

Whilst some electromagnetic fields are produced naturally from the Earth,    there are also human-made sources: X-rays, Microwaves, cellphones, laptops, WiFi and other electronic devices which are potentially harmful. This is an evolving area of research and has proven to be a tough nut to crack.

"Radiofrequency energy is another word for Microwave radiation. If people understood that they were holding a two-way microwave-radiating device next to their brain or next to their reproductive organs, they might think differently about it”

Dr. Devra David, Epidemiologist

What the science says - Peer reviewed studies

Whilst we recognise this is an evolving space, research is regularly published in peer reviewed journals and publicly available. We belive everyone should make their own consious decision.

Resource 1: Cancer & DNA

A recent $25M funded study by the National Institute of Health researched the association between varying radio-frequency radiation of mobile phones and the changes in tissues and organs in mice & rats; including malignant gliomas and chromosomal DNA damage.

Including Business insider’s headline concludes this study “proves wireless technology causes cancer and DNA damage”.

Resource 2: Infertility

Studies have linked a variety of potential health impacts to EMF radiation exposure. This publishe, peer viewed study concludes that the RF-EMF "may induce oxidative stress with an increased level of reactive oxygen species, which may lead to infertility".

Resource 3: Summary of research

We live in a generation that heavily relies on technology and exposure to radio-frequency radiation is widespread. All electronic devices (laptops, mobile phones, tablets etc.) emit electromagnatic radiation which include ELF, RF and thermal radiation, and are all potentially harmful as per these studies. This well-rounded study addresses the current scientific evidence on the human health riskhs and also notes physiological and/or morphological effects on bees, plants and trees.

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Action you can take


EMF raadiation has a high decay rate. Meaning most of exposure is when our devices are very close to us, or touching. We can significantly decrease the amount of radiation if we simply create more space between us and our devices.

Be conscious with your use and whenever you can, switch your devices off and put them in airplane mode; especially if near your bed at night.


Wavepro's electronic radiation shielding technology has been independently tested in an FCC accredited laboratory to block over 99% of radiation.

We are on a mission to create stylish EMF protection products that people want to use.

Benefits of reducing exposure

As referenced in the research examples EMF radiation may increase our oxidative stress. The following are benefits of reducing our oxidative stress levels which may be caused by EMF exposure.


Better Sleep



Cognitive Function

Healthier Aging

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5 Star Reviews

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Behind the scenes

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Wavepro's Testing Results

Wavepro's nanocrystal technology has been lab tested in an FCC acceredited facility to shield up to 99% of Radio Frequency and up to 92% of Extreemly low frequency. Take at the result yourself.

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